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Carcassonne holiday attractions

Cavayere Lake

Cavayere lake

The Lac de la Cavayère (Cavayere lake) is a large man-made lake not far from Carcassonne Chateau that was built in 1988.  It is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and is spread over 40 hectares.

A footpath goes all the way round the lake, which is a leisurely hour and a half's stroll.  There are also two beaches (a sandy one and a pebble beach), which are suitable for swimming and have life guards present during the summer, a play area for children with bungee cords attached over trampolines, to give you extra bounce and o2 - an adventure park created by hanging ropes between trees where you can climb, slide and swing, including a long 'slide' over part of the lake itself.

Carcassonne Chateau

Carcassonne chateau - self-catering lets

Carcassonne Chateau, also known as the 'Walled City' or 'Medieval City' was built in the 12th Century and includes 52 towers in 2 rings, plus over 3 km of battlements for the town walls.  Access is free and there are many restaurants and shops within the Chateau selling a range of local souvenirs.

During the summer holidays Carcassonne Chateau does become particularly crowded, however if you visit outside of Peak Season, it's normally much quieter and has a great atmosphere, making it easy to imagine that you're one of the ancient soldiers patrolling the castle walls.

Carcassonne o2 Aventure 


At o2 in Carcassonne, metal ropes are strung between trees to create an adventure park / sports facility called Acro-branch.  Trips begin with a brief training session and all climbers are equipped with a safety harness. 

You have 2 short ropes attached to your harness and at any one time at least one of the ropes should be attached to the security ropes that are in place in every part of the adventure park.  Climbers are also given a gadget that attaches to rope slides, to enable you to glide between trees.

o2 aventure France

There are different levels of difficulty, with a reasonable range of climbs / slides for children from ages 6 or so upwards.  Provided you and your children follow the instructions, there shouldn't be any danger.

If you feel your children might not follow the 'always keep at least one rope attached' instruction, then we'd recommend an alternative attraction, perhaps Acro-Branch in Perpignan, which is the same concept, but has safety in mind more - with ropes lower down, generally over sand and safety nets in place on the climbs and slides designed for younger children.

At o2 you are often several metres in the air and some of the climbs are particularly challenging, on the black route for example, several of the steps swing precariously as you walk over them and you need to be quite fit to climb up some of the rope ladders and trees!

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