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Nebias Labyrinth

Nebias labyrinth - near French holiday accommodation in South France

The labyrinthe verte at Nébias consists of a fantastic natural maze, or labyrinth with winding pathways through a forest, where rocks and plants have created a bewildering array of natural passageways which are both beautiful and great fun to explore.

The Nebias labyrinth is also surrounded by a circular walk of roughly eight miles.  Our boys of 9 and 11 love exploring the labyrinth - wandering through the forest trails, clambering over grassy boulders, standing in awe in the enchanted glades and getting thoroughly lost.

From the edge of the labyrinth at Nebias, you have magnifient views over the valley.  The labyrinth may take longer than you anticipate, so we'd recommend arriving in the morning or early afternoon and taking a snack or a drink, particularly if you have children.

Nebias is about 8km from Quillan.  Following the D117 North West from Quillan. Once in Nebias, drive past the village square and take the second turning on the right, which has a not very obvious signpost to the Labyrinthe Vert.  There's a steep climb that leads to a car park next to a ruined windmill, this marks the start of both the labyrinth and the circular walk.