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Languedoc holiday attractions - Vacations in Aude and Languedoc-Roussillon

Laval and Quillan are at the heart of Aude and Languedoc Roussillon, an hours drive from the Mediterranean sea and an hours drive from ski slopes, with a wide range of holiday attractions all year round - summer, spring, winter and autumn.  The Aude river passes through Quillan and gives you the opportunity to canoe or go white water rafting. Quillan also has a large outdoor swimming pool open over the summer. There are a multitude of markets both in Quillan itself and in the local towns of Couiza and Limoux (with the largest market every Sunday morning in Esperaza, 10 minutes drive away).

A handful of the many vacation attractions in Aude include:

Labyrinth in Nebias - Aude holiday attractions Labyrinth in Nebias - Nebias, which is a 15 or 20 minutes drive from the holiday home in Laval contains a fantastic natural labyrinth made from the trees and stones contained within the forest.  The labyrinth has many meandering paths and is itself surrounded by an 8km walk with spectacular views over the scenery of Languedoc Roussillon.
Esperaza in Aude, Languedoc Roussillon Esperaza Dinosaur Museum - There are 3 museums in Esperaza, with one entrance fee for all 3 - a dinosaur museum, hat museum and honey museum (though the honey museum is really more of a shop). Eva, an Ampelosaurus specimen was discovered at Campagne-sur-Aude, near Esperaza. She is the most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in France and is around 72 million years old.
Carcassonne Castle

Carcassonne Castle - Carcassonne castle is an ancient walled city within a city standing open to be explored. There are beautiful stone arches, winding stairways and numerous passageways inviting you to explore their mystery. At the heart of the castle are museums, bar, restaurants and tourist shops.

The castle does get very busy during August, so if you're here in August, we recommend arriving early. It is a delightful experience and you can really imagine what it was like to live there. Click for more photos and opening times of Carcassonne castle.

Toulouse Space Museum, South France Space Centre, Toulouse - The Cite Espace is a very interactive centre, where you can happily pass a full day in Toulouse. At the Terradome, you are transported to the centre of the universe at its moment of creation, you can visit the inside of the Mir spaceship and discover wonderful things about space at the Planetarium cinema.  There is a even show in 3D, watch out for the M&Ms!


 To find out more about the Languedoc, we highly recommend you visit the Languedoc Roussillon page on It has information on towns in Aude, plus links to pages of information on tourist attractions and things to do on your holiday - including walking, horse riding, cycling and water sports. There is an extensive list of places to visit too, such as castles, museums, caves, markets and restaurants.